ATTN: TheJUMP is currently operating well-behind schedule. We are dealing with major infrastructure changes (both in human and technological resources). It is still our hope to publish issue 7.1 this fall, but in regards to submission decisions we are currently requiring 14-18 weeks from point of submission. 

What is TheJUMP?

The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects is an electronic journal dedicated to providing an outlet for the excellent digital/multimedia projects occurring in undergraduate courses around the globe, and to providing a pedagogical resource for teachers working with (or wanting to work with) "new media."
 The journal is designed to be not only a repository for quality multimedia scholarship—bringing together some of the most rhetorically creative and rhetorically impactful works produced/composed by our undergraduates—but also, unlike its digital brethren (i.e., megarepositories like YouTube), it seeks to also offer a critical perspective.

As such, the projects we publish include assignment descriptions from the courses in which they originated, reflections by the instructors involved, and design rationales or process/product reflections by the author(s)/composer(s) themselves. In these reflection pieces, the creators attempt to critically consider their design/production choices and/or the intent of their projects in light of their rhetorical message, their "composing" process, and the technologies involved. Additionally, our editorial collective members—current and emerging scholars with connections to digital media, multimedia, new media, communicational technologies, social media, digital rhetorics, and the like—offer responses to and/or comments on these works.
The pedagogical focus of this e-journal is critical to its success as we not only want to see really great projects and the assignments or prompts (and courses) that give them shape, we also want to consider and work through the nuances of critique, assessment, impact, and so on (often the more murky areas associated with digital multimedia productions).
Pairing this emphasis with the student reflection/rationale and the critical responses by editorial collective members (as well as the general conversations and responses by TheJUMP members) allows for a more dynamic and richer engagement than merely being an e-scholarship repository.
We welcome your submissions and your participation!

Editorial Collective
General Editor: Justin Hodgson, Indiana University
Managing Editor:
Assistant Managing Editor: Kallie Willits, Trine University
Accessibility Editor: Amanda K. Booher, The University of Akron
Asst. Accessibility Editor:

Advisory Board: 
 Geof Carter, Saginaw Valley State University
 Amanda K. Booher, The University of Akron
 Sean McCarthy, James Madison University
 Megan Gianfagna, The University of Texas at Austin 

Editorial Board:
 Joshua Abboud, The University of Kentucky
 Cate Blouke, The University of Texas at Austin 
 Casey Boyle
, The University of Texas at Austin 
 Will Burdette, The University of Texas at Austin
 Thomas Burkdall, Occidental College
 Maggie Christensen
, University of Nebraska at Omaha 
 Anthony Collamati, Alma College
 Christine Denecker, The University of Findlay
 Eric Detweiler, The University of Texas at Austin
 Megan Eatman
, Clemson University 
 Sergio Figueiredo, Kennesaw State University
 Christine Fitzpatrick, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
 Kendall Gerdes, The University of Texas at Austin
 Tekla Hawkins
, The University of Texas at Austin
 Cynthia Haynes
, Clemson University 
 Jason Helms, Texas Christian University
 Joshua Hilst, Utah Valley University
 Gary Hink, University of Colorado, Boulder
 Steven Holmes
, George Mason University 
 Dennis Jerz, Seton Hill University
 John Jones, West Virginia University
 Matt King, St. Bonaventure University 
 Ethna D. Lay, Hofstra University
 Steven J. LeMieux, The University of Texas at Austin
 Bill Macauley
, University of Nevada, Reno 
 Felice Marcus, Miami University Ohio
 Casey R. McArdle, Michigan State University
 Kristi McDuffie
, Illinois State University
 Jasmine Mulliken, Oklahoma State University
 Robin Murphy, East Central Oklahoma University
 Lauren Nahas
, The University of Texas at Austin
 Michael Neal, Florida State University
 Scott Nelson, The University of Texas at Austin
 Gian S. Pagnucci, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
 Joshua Prenosil
, Purdue University
 Andrew Rechnitz, The University of Texas at Austin
 Jessica Schreyer, University of Dubuque
 Simone Sessolo, University of Michigan
 Wendi Sierra, St. John Fisher College
 Barbi Smyser-Fauble, Illinois State University
 Michael Sobiech, Carson-Newman University 
 Glen Southergill, Montana Tech of the University of Montana
 Kyle Stedman, Rockford University
 John Tinnell
, University of Colorado Denver
 Ryan Trauman, University of Louisville
 Amy Tuttle, The University of Texas at Austin 
 Amanda Wall, The University of Texas at Austin
 Cleve Wiese
, The University of Texas at Austin 
 Bill Wolff, Rowan University
 Elizabeth Woodworth, Auburn University at Montgomery

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