The editors of TheJUMP strive to offer access to a diverse audience who interact with multimedia and online interfaces in differing ways. To this end, we offer projects that include varying accessibility-oriented material: transcripts, closed captioning, visual descriptions, audio files of these descriptions, and any other pertinent material that will help us go beyond the basic requirements of accessibility--thereby increasing usability for all visitors to TheJUMP.  We also offer an entire site theming option for registered viewers that allows for an inversion of our color scheme (as some users find black text on white background more accessible).

Our accessibility materials are often produced in conjunction with the submitting authors.  They contribute as much to these considerations as they can, and we make every effort to help them understand our accessibility practices.  As such, if considering submitting a project to us, know that we are happy to work with authors who are in the process of making their work accessible.

In addition to engaging in standard accessibility practices, TheJUMP also encounters (with some frequency) projects for which standards do not exist or which do not have easy accesibility solutions (whether due to the authoring platform, like Flash for example, or due to the project genre, like an Ulmerian mystory as example).  Nonetheless, we are committed to making our best effort with regard to accessibility and are working to establish conventions for some of our more unusual projects.

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