TheJUMP v1.2 - Re/mix & Memes

Welcome to the second issue of The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects!  In this issue you will find four video projects, two of which focus on issues facing remix culture and two of which participate in video meme-ing.  Each of the projects include two responses from members of our editorial collective as well as student project reflections, instructor reflections, project timelines, course and assignment descriptions, and so on.  Also, registered JUMP community members can add comments on just about every page, which we encourage and which we hope will add yet further layers to this growing complexity--so sign up, sign in, and let's begin to expand the horizons of multimedia for our undergraduates (and for ourselves).

Project 1 - "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' -- A video
                 Remix about Remix"
                 by Clark Baxtresser & Avni Mehta
- a mix/remix project  (video)

Project 2 - "LP3 - Girl Talk"
                 by Christopher Austin

                 - a mix/remix project (video)

Project 3 - "The One: Contagious Kindness"
                 by Christopher Cullen

                 - a meme project (video)

Project 4 - "Hitler Finds Out About the Downfall
                 by Michael Pfister

                 - a meme project (video)


launched 5.19.10 :: last updated 5.19.10

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