Submission Information

To submit projects:
Register an account, login, then submit a project.  

All submissions will be processed in the order received.  

Review Process:
Upon receiving a submission, TheJUMP Editors view the project and send it out to two members of our editorial collective for blind-review.  Those reviewers make a decision in regards to the quality of the project and its fit for TheJUMP.  In so doing, they rank the project on a four point scale: 4 - accept and publish as is (or with very minor revisions); 3 - publish with revisions; 2 - revise and resubmit; 1 - reject.  For all submissions, our reviewers evaluate the work based on its overall quality, how well it fits with the assignment that gave rise to it, its timeliness and/or potential impact for our audience, and so on.  Beyond that, they view each submission as a "teachable moment" and attempt to provide feedback in such a manner as to help the student author(s) improve the overall quality of the work. 

TheJUMP retains "no rights" in regards to the individual projects and works published.  Student authors retain all rights (and responsibilities) to their work.  Instructors retain all rights (and responsibilities) to their contributions (e.g., instructor reflection, course assignment, project timeline).   We are in the process of moving to Creative Commons Licenscing options with the works we publish.  (Note: These rights rules do not apply to Responses contributed by members of TheJUMP Editorial Collective.)

Review Time & Publication Rate:
Currently, our review process for a given project submission runs between 4-8 weeks.  

Our publication rate, as of 12/4/12, is just a shade under 35%.

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